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The Hydromatics – Parts Unknown (White Jazz)

Hydromatics Parts UnknownThis is the biggest positive surprise ina big, big time! Maybe Scott Morgan finilly will get his name among the big guys now. Theo Brouwer and Tony Leeuwenburgh, both from the Nitwitz, Nick Royale and Scott Morgan. This is the real “Dream Team”. Scott, Nick, Theo and Tony got together this summer in Amsterdam to record this album. The songs are mostly old Sonics Rendezvous Band songs except for a few new and a cover of MC5’s “Baby Wont Ya?”. Sonics Rendezvous Band never did release anything except for the “City Slang” 7″. You could say that the Hydromatics is doing the world a big, big favour releaseing this material. The songs are amazing! Fucking amazing! The album starts with the marvellous “Earthy” and ends with “Baby Wont Ya!” and between those two tracks you cant keep your eyes dry. It’s so sad that the Sonics Rendezvous Band never did release anything, they are one of the best bands ever. But this is close and sometimes it’s really spoky how close it is to the original songs. Scott Morgans vocal qualities just grows and grows and he sounds better than ever. This man must be around his 50’s but he still rocks harder than anybody around today.
I dont really know if it is Scott or Tony who plays Fred “Sonic” Smiths solo-parts, but he is doing a really great job playing almost as the god himself did. The biggest highlights on the album are the songs “Heaven”, “Earthy” and “Dangerous” but it’s really a complete album and there is no part thats going to make you damanding your money back. This is the album of the year!