SHIT CITY HIGH was a rocknroll band from Houston, Texas that operated around the year 2008.
They lured me all the way to Texas with their demo, which I thought was pretty good as the female vocals made it stand out a cut above the rest.
So in Dec. 2008 I mustered up all my (Dutch) courage and flew to Texas to do a handful of shows with them, including with fellow Houstonians BLOWER, the band of Doug from the DIDJITS and his wife on bass. They had a hilarious schtick and were great. Tt was very cool to see Doug again. Another unforgettable experience was opening for the goddamn MISFITS playing to a full house of 15 year old dweebs in MISFITS attire and not getting paid a dime by the venue.Wouldn’t be the first or last time that happened. Either way the band seemed pleased to have me on board, judging by the following press release they sent out into cyberspace on Thursday, october 23, 2008 :
tony slug to texas cometh

Tony Slug of Amsterdam punk band The Nitwitz (which also featured Texas punk icon, Mikey Offender), and the trans-global “Rock City” outfit, The Hydromatics (which featured members of The Hellacopters and Sonic’s Rendezvous Band), has Joined Shit City High! His energy and “Mad Max” guitar style is incomparable to anyone living!! He will be joining the band for their show with The Misfits Nov. 29th in Houston, TX, which will be a rock ‘n’ roll overdose that hasn’t been seen since punk’s “golden years!!” The band will then hit the studio in NYC to record their new album “The Agony and Fury of Rock ‘n’ Roll!” with new member, Tony Slug. If that wasn’t news to blow your socks off…the new album is going to be produced by famed producer Tony Visconti(Bowie, T. Rex and Thin Lizzy)!! Next year the band will be hitting the road, touring the States, Europe and Japan, so look out for these rock maniacs when they come to “Destroy Uranus!!” Welcome to the family Tony!!

Well, I guess none of these big plans came to fruition, but whatever. In lieu of their audio demo, which I seem to have lost over the years, here’s a couple of purdy pixors from some of those Texas shows.