Now wrote:
Hydromatics Parts Unknown As the Scandinavian version of a rock ‘n’ roll fantasy camp involves playing in some legendary Ann Arbor unit, Hellacopters guitarist Nick Royale returns to bashing the drums alongside Nitwitz bassist Thumpin’ Theo and guitarist Tony Slug to fulfill a dream of backing Scott Morgan as Sonic’s Rendezvous Band.

The Norse knuckleheads have obviously done their homework, as the resulting Parts Unknown release by the Hydromatics screams SRB from start to finish, yet there’s no discounting
the exhilarating roar of it all.

The entire amp meltdown is surprisingly together for weekend kicks. Morgan still has one of the most soulful screams in rock, and with Royale pounding frantically like he never left Entombed. Parts Unknown is actually more of an almighty thrill than anything the Hellacopters or Nitwitz have released on their own. A stunner.

Rating: NNNN

KIM HUGHES , NOW magazine (Canada)