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Hydromatics Parts UnknownScott Morgan (the Rationals, Sonic Rendezvous Band) comes out of retirement after 20-plus years, bringing one of the best rock ‘n’ roll releases of ’99.

Morgan joins forces with Hellacopters’ (and former Entombed) drummer Nick Royale and kicks up a Motor City sound for the end of the millennium.

Morgan’s pipes have not even slightly aged–his soulful crooning is premium on such chestnuts as MC5’s “Baby Won’t Ya” and his old Sonic Rendezvous Band’s “Dangerous” and “Heaven.”

The original songs show an amazing amount of muscle–but instead of just revving mindlessly away, the Hydromatics’ horn section bring something of an Exile on Main Street feel.

If you like The Hellacopters, but hated their last record, this is a must-have.

Rock and roll and revolution together again at last.

9.5/10 (Johnson Cummins)

Rating : Disc Of The Week