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FFDW Weekly wrote:

Hydromatics Parts UnknownMembers of The Hellacopters, Nitwitz, and Loveslug collide in this, the real second coming of The Who! They may sing about getting “Earthy” in the opening track of that name, but there ain’t no hippie-shit earthiness in this album, unless it’s dirt clods hurled a thousand metres high as the band smashes into each note with the energy of a proton cruising the Texas superconductor.

With the chokey, bullet-in-your-back vocal delivery and the bumper-stickeresque choruses repeated until they become a damned mantra, these songs conjure up The Who at their angry, punitive best. ‘Cept The Who was a beast caged in the heart of the ’60s, and no matter how many times Pete Townshend smashes his guitar into a trippy Abbie Hoffman in the favourite replays of our hearts, the lovey-dove crap of that era putrefied their purity. The Hydromatics, though, were bred for the ’90s or even the Noughts, where you can only love your neighbour until his credit card expires. And while we don’t know what rough beast is slouching off towards Bethlehem to be born, even the Beast of the Apocalypse is likely to become a housepet of these scrappy bastards. Here kitty kitty kitty! Nuke ’em if you got ’em, boys!

Rating : 5/5

Mary-Lynn McEwen, FFWD Weekly