Hi there, how’s it hangin’ dudez ?

how's it hangin ?
Looks like you stumbled into www.tonyslug.com for some reason.
In case you wonder what this place is about : This is where I, Tony Slug, try to archive, re-construct, collect and document my illustrious musical career.
It spans from 1978 to the present so it’s a pretty big legacy that started long before internet, in times when no cellphones existed, no one cpould afford VHS cameras, so there was not a lot of stuff being documented in the first place. After suffering various disk crashes over the years, lending out VHS tapes over the years, a lost a lot of unique material has been lost for good.

With releases coming out all the time, and my music being sold, licensed, resold and bootlegged by anonymous third party enterpreneurs without even telling me about it, I figured it was time to get everything together in one big bundle and try to make sense of it all.

What you will find here

www.tonyslug.com is where you’ll find biographies, interviews, sound and video clips, flyers, pics, stories and other stuff related to my musical endeavors. You will also find (exclusive) downloads of previously unreleased material, writings and plenty of my bitching and moaning about “the music industry”.


MAIN MENU : The NITWITZ, BGK, LOVESLUG and the HYDROMATICS are bands that I started.
OTHER GROUPS : Bands that already existed when I joined them as a gun for hire, although that would imply getting paid.

WRITING : Drawing on almost 4 decades of expertise as a long haired butt-head on the road, I am frequently asked by editors of books,magazines and online publications to provide stories, tour diaries, record reviews etc. and share my braniac insights. This is where I try collect all of it. But beware : things can get pretty ridiculous with these scenes of rocknroll doo-doo babbling.
Shits & Giggles : Silly stuff
Now that you understand my madness, I suggest you back that thang up and get your SLUG ROCK on, cracker.